We all dream of a place to breathe.


A place to walk among people of like-mind. A firepit. The riverside. The garden bed. The playhouse. These aren’t distant dream-scapes, this is Riverstead.

We’d like to invite you to an older way of living. We believe the best of community and family happens when we share our joys and a little labor on these common grounds.


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Enjoy a community built around farmland and berry-producing landscaping. Careful stewardship of our soil and water will let us harvest organic produce from our fields for generations to come.


Nature & Learning

We live our lives connected to the land. Our private, secure property is full of hills, woods, trails, and over two miles of river inviting us to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Upstate South Carolina. 


Family & Service

We build community by sharing our time and resources with our neighbors. Find joy with us in the balance between personal and family individuality and cooperative community building.

Education from the Land

Imagine you and your children learning the South Eastern landscape hands on. Growing, gleaning, knowing, breathing in what is all around you. When you live here, you don't take a trip to the mountains —you're in them. 



Everyday adventure

In our families we celebrate the little things. The breaking of bread and a sweet treat around the fire after dinner. Our best memories are of time spent together with our phones put away and our carving knives out, around the fire, laughing and telling stories. Sound magical? It is, and it happens everyday around here.


Read more about Riverstead or contact us to come take a tour for yourself!


Learning Together

The environment all around Riverstead is ripe with lessons to learn and places to explore and investigate. Together we are creating a space that's truly a vibrant outdoor schoolhouse. There was a time when technology was not the catch all way to spend time as a family. We want to take you back to that time as we take our families there.


Neighbors helping neighbors.
Working together.


Communities are formed based on common values, on collaboration and care for ourselves and one another. We believe working with others to achieve your personal and family goals is a quick way to build authentic relationships with those around you. If you share that vision with us, we would love to meet you and show you around.



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