Our Story

“The concept of a Resilient Living Community is not new, in fact it is ancient.”

In today’s society, the process of deciding where to call home is dependent on factors of climate, education, employment and amenities, often ignoring the importance of true fulfillment and joy that comes from being immersed in God’s creation. Ancient civilizations settled in areas that were evaluated on the amenities of the land, clean water, fresh food, fertile soil, and climate. However, their lives were also based on whom they lived with and how they live. Their villages were formed based on common core values of security and support, as well as the common bond that strength comes in numbers.

Values & Beliefs

Riverstead is a community where residents are unique, but also share common values and beliefs for Resilient Living.

Appreciation for Nature

We belong in nature and benefit from immersion in it. It is a place for people to appreciate the gift of the natural world and to share experiences in it for generations.


The strongest communities thrive when they are built to last. With initiatives focusing on food production and local clean water, Riverstead’s community will be sustained by what the land provides including advanced building technology for green living.


A stick alone breaks easily, but a bundle of wood cannot be bent. Riverstead’s community exists in cooperation and encourages finding fulfillment by focusing on others. Through community service projects and events, residents can positively affect the lives of others.


Long ago, we passed on knowledge through mentorship. At Riverstead, we intend to continue that tradition through educational classes from winemaking lessons and expert gardeners, to outdoor survival and animal tracking guides.


Riverstead founders understand that security is a concern for families and individuals. The main entrance is gated and the rest of the property is secluded with natural borders including the Saluda River.

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