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Curing the Nature-Deficit Disorder

Curing Nature-Deficit Disorder with Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities

Before cell phones, tablets, and computers, kids spent more time playing outside. Sadly, many children growing up today have become detached from nature. This alienation from the natural world comes with a variety of negative side-effects, including attention difficulties, emotional distress, and physical illness. Nature-deficit disorder is a term used to describe these unwanted effects. Fortunately, spending more time outdoors with your little ones is a foolproof way to address nature-deficit disorder and help your family feel great!

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Staying home may be easier than venturing out into the great outdoors with your kids, but the joys of exploring nature are worth a little work. Try to make it a habit to spend more time in your backyard, take family trips into the wild, and explore natural environments in your community. By taking steps to spend more time outdoors, your kids are bound to grow up with a great appreciation and respect for nature.

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